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  • Personalised learning with one teacher and six students in a class
  • Dynamic classrooms with animated videos, live classes, and interactive games
  • Learn 24x7 from the comfort of your home

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The Lido Difference

Live Interactive Virtual Classroom

Learn on our state of the art live online classroom with an expert tutor to guide you and answer all the doubts. Our classroom has a presentation screen, whiteboard, live quizzes with real time results, guided practice and much more. On Lido, the max student to teacher ratio is 1:6 and students are grouped by similar achievement levels for best learning outcomes.

Small groups

Rockstar tutors

Real time quiz results

Live doubts

Rockstar Tutors

Learn from India’s best teachers from the comfort of your own home! In each class, our teachers cover key concepts, breakdown methods, answer all doubts, and guide students through practice problems. Lido teachers invest in their students’ growth to ensure that they excel both inside and outside the classroom.

Discussion based learning

Mentorship and coaching

Parent-teacher feedback

Competitive selection

Engaging Content

No more pens, notebooks and blackboards! At Lido, learning takes place in an engaging online world. Watch concept videos, test your knowledge through interactive activities and play games that have been designed to test your critical thinking. Each Lido class includes concept explanation, breakdown of methods, problem solving guidance, doubt clearing and discussion based learning - all led by expert tutors, from the comfort of your home!

Animated concept videos

Interactive activities

Immersive games

Gamified learning

Personalized Practice

We believe that every student is a unique learner. By tracking individual student learning we are able to customize the in class experience, homework, additional practice, remedial help, and challenges. We target where each student needs help the most. On Lido, students have access to all the resources they need, and more. No need for any additional elearning apps, question banks, or practice tests - it’s all unlimited on Lido!

Adaptive homework

Unlimited practice

Self paced revision lessons

Mock exams

Our Offerings

Join our live online classes with small groups of upto 6 students and one rockstar Lido teacher - all from the comfort of your own home! Each class is packed with content decks, concept videos, games and quizzes.

Summer Math Program


Get a refresher on everything you’ve learnt in Math last year and get ready for next year!

Batches start from May 1

  • Cover key topics for each standard
  • Practice revision lessons from the previous year with practice



Learn your math fundamentals in an interactive live classroom!

Batches start from June 15

  • Mapped to your school syllabus
  • Solve unlimited practice questions with complete solutions

Science Tuitions


Learn science through virtual experiments, videos, and exciting games!

Batches start from July 1

  • Covers Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Learn and revise through self paced lessons

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Join an ever growing team of passionate individuals, from IIT, IIM, BITS, Stanford, and Duke as we open the door to engaging and impactful learning!

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