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L1Stem & Transportation 1
L2Stem & Transportation 2
L1Reproduction in plants: Introduction
L2Reproduction in plants: Methods
L3Reproduction in plants: Methods 2
L4Reproduction in plants Revision
L1Reproduction in Humans
L2Reproduction in Humans Revision 1
L1Producers & Consumers
L2Food Chain
L1Circulatory System Introduction
L2Circulatory System Functioning
L1Nervous System Introduction
L2Nervous System Types
L1Communicable Diseases
L2Non communicable Diseases
L3Immunisation, Vaccination & First Aid
L1Microorganism Introduction
L2Role of Microorganism in Food industry
L3Agriculiture-Primary Food Resources
L4Animals as Food Resources
L5Food Production revision 1
L1Changing Matter 1
L2Changing Matter 2
L3Changing Matter 3
L1Parameters of Change & Physical Change
L2Chemical Change
L1States of Matter 1
L2Separation of Substances 1
L3Separation of Substances 2
L1Atomic Structure 1
L2Atomic Structure 2
L3Atomic Structure 3
L3Atomic Structure Revision
L1Symbol & Formulae
L2Molecular Formula
L3Balancing of Chemical Equations
L4Chemical Formulae & equation Revision
L1Chemical Change -Parameters
L2Chemical Reactions Types
L3Chemical Reactions -Energy Change
L4Chemical Reactions Revision
L1Preparation & Physical Properties
L2Chemical Properties & Redox
L3Hydrogen Revision
L1Water & its Physical Properties
L2Water & its Chemical Properties
L3Water -Hardness & pollution
L4Water Revision 1
L5Water Revision 2
L3Oxides of carbon
L4Carbon Revision 1
L5Carbon Revision 2
L1Density & Measurement
L2What floats & what sinks?
L3Desnisties of all states of matter
L4Density - Revision
L1Rotation as effect of force & Torque
L2Balanced and unbalanced state of moments
L3Atmospheric pressure & uses of pressure
L4Force & Pressure - Revision
L1The concept of Work & Energy
L2Forms of energy & conversion
L3Applications & Revision
L1Refraction - Concept & Laws
L2Prism & Curved Mirrors
L3Curved Mirrors - Image & its characteristics
L4Light - Revision
L1Effects of heat - Boiling & Evaporation
L2Expansion - length & Surface
L3Numericals & Revision
L1Sound - Wave & its characteristics
L2Frequency, Pitch & Monotone
L3Amplitude, Loudness & Decibells
L4Sound - Revision
L1Electricity as it meets us (household)
L2Electrostatics & Types of Charges
L3Charging a body, detection of charge
L4Flow of charge - All about current
L5Electrostatics - Revision
L6Charging & Current - Revision

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