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L1Rational Numbers : properties(1)
L2Rational Numbers : properties (2)
L3Rational Numbers : Simplification
L4Rational Numbers on number line
L1Square of numbers
L2Square root using factor method
L3Square root using division method
L4Square root of decimals
L5Square root - Work out
L1Cube and cube roots
L2Finding cube roots by factorisation
L3Cube roots - Work out
L1Negative exponents and laws
L2Laws of exponents on negative exponents - Practice
L1Number games
L2Divisibility Test
L1Sets : Recapitulation
L2Subsets /supersets
L3Operations on sets
L4Operations on sets : workout
L5Sets and Venn Diagram
L6Cardinal properties of sets
L1Ratio and percentages
L2Profit and Loss
L3Profit and Loss - work out
L4Compound interest
L5Compound interest - PL
L6Direct Proportion
L7Inverse Proportion
L1Addition and Subtraction of Algebraic Expression
L2Multiplication of Algebraic Expressions : (Monomials)
L3Multiplication of Algebraic Expressions : (Polynomials)
L4Multiplication of Algebraic Expressions : Practice
L5Algebraic Identities
L6Applying Identities
L1Factorisation of Algebraic Expression
L2Factorisation of Algebraic Expression - using identities
L3Factorisation of Algebraic Equation - splitting the middle term
L4Factorisation - Work Out
L1Linear equations in one variable - 1
L2Linear Equations - Word Problems
L3Linear equations in one variable - 2
L4Linear Equations - Word Problems
L5Linear Equations - Practice Lesson
L6Linear Equations in one variable - 3
L7Linear Equations in one variable - TL
L1Linear Inequations : Recapitulation
L2Solving linear Inequations
L1Types of polygon and angle sum property of a quadrilateral
L2Polygon - Angle sum
L3Properties of parallelogram
L4Properties of special quadrilaterals
L5Application of properties of quadrilaterals
L1Different views of a solid shape
L2Elements of 3-D figures - Faces, Edges and vertices
L1Construction of Quadrilaterals
L2Construction of Quadrilaterals - Work out
L1Reflection symmetry
L2Rotational Symmetry
L1Circle and its parts
L2Properties of a circle
L1Perimeter and area of combination figures
L2Area of Trapezium, Rhombus and a general quadrilateral
L3Area of a polygon
L4Solid Shapes - Surface area of cube , cuboid and cylinder
L5Surface Area : Cylinder
L6Volume : cube , cuboid
L7Volume cylinder
L8Surface Area and Volume : Work out
L1Grouping Large data and Histograms
L2Pie chart
L4Probabilty - work out
L1Cartesian plane and line graphs
L2Interpreting and drawing linear graphs

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