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L1Quantities & Measurement of Volume
L2Determination of Density
L3Area, Speed & numericals
L1State of rest, motion and types of motion
L2Uniform & Non uniform motion, Speed & Numericals
L3Composite motion, mass & weight
L4Revision - Types of motion & Speed
L5Revision - Composite motion & weight
L1Motion, Force, Work & Energy
L2Types of energy, PE & KE
L3Interconversion of PE & KE
L4Conservation of Energy & Hydroelectric plant
L5Revision - Energy & Work
L6Revision - Energy conversion & conservation
L1Reflection of Light, plane, curved and irregular mirrors
L2Colours of Light
L3Light - Revision
L1Heat Introduction
L2Heat Conduction
L3Heat Convection & Radiation
L4Heat & Temperature
L5Heat - Revision
L1Understanding Sound
L2Charachteristics of Sound
L3Speed of Sound
L4Sound Revision
L1Electric Circuits
L2Electric Circuits
L4Electricity - Revision
L5Electromagnets - Revision
L1Plant Tissue
L2Animal Tissue-Epithelial & Muscular Tissue
L3Animal Tissue-Connective & Nervous tissue
L4Plant tissue-Revision
L5Animal Tissue -Revision
L1Plant Classifiocation-Introduction
L2Animal classification-Invertebrates
L3Animal Classification Vertebrates
L4Classification -Revision Invertebrates
L5Classification -Revision Vertebrates
L1Photosynthesis & respiration
L1Excretory System 1
L2Excretory System 2
L3Excretory System -Revision
L1Nervous system -Introduction
L2Nervous system -Types
L3Nervous system-Revision
L1Allergy-Types,Symptoms & prevention
L1Physical changes
L2Chemical changes
L3Physical & chemical changes -Revision
L2Seperation Of Substances
L3Elements,Compounds,Mixtures-Revision 1
L4Elements,Compounds,Mixtures-Revision 2
L2Periodic Table-Molecular Foremulae of Elements & compounds
L3Atom ,Molecules,Radicals -Revision
L4Formulae - Practice
L1Chemical Reactions
L2Chemical Equations
L3Language of chemistry -Revision
L4Balancing Equation -Practice
L1Properties of Metals & Non-Metals 1
L2Properties of Metals & Non-Metals 2
L3Properties of Metals & Non-Metals 3
L4Metals & Non-Metals -Revision1
L5Metals & Non-Metals -Revision2
L1Components of Air 1
L2Components of Air 2
L3Components of Air 3
L4Air Revision 1
L5Air Revision 2

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