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L1Integers and their addition
L2Subtraction of integers
L3Addition and Subtraction of Integers : Work out
L4Addition and Subtraction of Integers in the Real World : Workout
L5Addition and Subtraction of Integers : Properties
L6Multiplication and division of integers
L7Multiplication and Division of Integers : Workout
L8Multiplication and Division of Integers : Properties
L9Integers - Test lesson
L1Fractions Recapitulations
L2Multiplication of fraction - 1
L3Multiplication of fraction - 2
L4Division of fractions
L5Operations on fractions - Work out
L6Decimal Recall
L7Multiplication of decimal numbers
L8Division of decimal numbers
L9Operations on Decimals - Workout
L1Collection and organisation of Data, Mean & Range
L5Chance and Probability
L1Setting up an Equation
L2Solving an Equation by Balancing
L3Solving an Equation by Transposing
L4Linear Equations in the Real World
L5Linear Equations : Workout
L1Pairs of angles
L2Pairs of angles - Work out
L3Pairs of lines
L4Parallel lines - Work Out
L1Introduction and Revision
L2Medians and Altitudes
L3Properties of Triangles - 1
L4Properties of Triangles - 2
L5Right Angled Triangles and Pythagoras Property
L6Triangles - Application of properties
L1Introduction to congruency
L2Congruency of Triangles(SSS and SAS criteria)
L3Congruency of Triangles(ASA and RHS criteria)
L4Congruency of triangles : Work Out
L1Ratio and Proportion
L2Introduction to percentages
L3Interpreting Percentage
L4Profit or loss percentage
L5Simple Interest
L1Rational numbers - introduction
L2Rational numbers - Convert and compare
L3Operations on Rational Numbers - addition and subtraction
L4Operations on Rational Numbers - Multiplication and division
L1Construction : Line parallel to a given line
L2Construction : Triangles - 1
L3Construction : Triangles - 2
L1Area and Perimeter of squares and rectangles - Work out
L2Area : Paralellogram and Triangles
L3Circles : Area and Perimeter
L4Area and perimeter : Applications -2
L5Area and perimeter : Work out
L1Algebrac expressions : terms
L2Writing algebraic expression for statements
L3Addition and subtaction of algebraic expressions
L4Algebraic Expression - work out
L1Exponents - basics
L2Laws of exponents - 1
L3Laws of exponents - 2
L4Exponents - Work Out
L5Large numbers in Scientific/ standard Notation
L1Lines of symmetry
L2Rotational Symmetry
L1Elements of 3D shapes and their nets
L2Drawing Solids on a flat surface
L3Viewing Different Sections Of A Solid

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