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Follow your child's progress. Always.
Detailed feedback on your child's strengths and weaknesses
Receive progress reports after every chapter is completed
Track your child's growth and skill-development on a personalised scale
Know your child's strengths and weaknesses at a concept level
Connect with your tutors
Strong parent-tutor bond = successful students!
Get personalised & regular progress feedback from all your child's tutors
Monthly Parent Tutor Meets with your child's tutors for deeper understanding
Change your batch or tutor if need be
Celebrate your child's every success!
Your support and encouragement makes all the difference
Follow your child's journey through their learning portfolio
Share their projects, badges, certificates and much more
Get rewards for reaching important milestones
Join our Super Parent community
Connect with parents across India
Build bonds with other parents in your child's class
Ask any questions you have to our experts
Special access to newsletters and parenting workshops
All-in-one app
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Priority chat support and customer delight services for Super Parents
Add or change the subjects your child is enrolled in
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Parents and students love us!

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“My son is so excited to learn coding. Everything from the teacher, to the platform, to the classes is top notch! Great to see him learn and grow every single day!”

Prateet Kedia

Father of Aryaman, Class 8

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“It’s been 3 months since I enrolled my daughter in English with Lido, and now she speaks in English only – and she sounds just so confident!”

Madhu Parekh

Mother of Anjali, Class 5

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“I knew my daughter had a knack for Mathematics. Lido brought it out in her through creative teaching and carefully thought-out activities!”

Hiren Dedhia

Father of Tarushi, Class 6

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"Lido has made my daughter passionate about Science. She now sees Science in everything around her! It’s brilliant!"

Anju Tehlan

Mother of Chhavi, Class 7

What is Lido Learning?

Lido's top-notch tutors & small classes with a maximum 6:1 student to teacher ratio ensure that every child gets personal attention & a safe learning environment. Our classes our tailored to ensure deep understanding of concepts, building practical skills & applying them in the real world, so that children thrive in school & beyond. Our live online classes cover Maths, Science, English, and Coding, for students from KG to 12th grade.

How does Lido help my child?

Lido is the best solution for your child. For the best learning experience, a student needs face-to-face interaction with rockstar teachers, interactive content, and a personalized platform. Lido combines these three in its classroom for the 21st century, which is guaranteed to improve results.

  1. Personalised attention: With face-to-face interaction with tutors and a maximum of 6 students per class, your child receives personalised attention, regular feedback, and enough opportunities to clarify doubts.
  2. Engaging content: Designed by Harvard, Stanford, and IIT alums, every live online class has HD animated videos, interactive games, live quiz competitions, and more. This helps your child learn concepts better and fall in love with learning.
  3. Real-world skills: Lido covers full school curriculum AND extra-curricular skills like problem-solving, technical skills, communication, and creativity through its live online classes.

What does a week at Lido look like?

Every week at Lido is filled with fun and learning. You can choose to study Maths, Science, Coding, and English twice a week or our KG-Grade 3 program, Headstart, three times a week.

Will Lido help with homework and clearing doubts?

Our 6:1 student-teacher ratio allows every student enough time with the teacher to clarify doubts before the class ends. Further, our AI-driven homework solutions help students practice and learn independently, even without the teacher around!

What happens if my child misses a class?

In case of a missed class, we’ll provide all the content and homework assignments for that class to your child.

Do I have to sign up for all the subjects?

Lido offers live classes in Maths, Science, English, Coding, and Headstart. Based on your child’s needs, you can choose to sign up for as many courses as you want - one subject, two subjects or all!

How does Lido select teachers?

Only top applicants from all over the country are selected to become Lido tutors, & undergo rigorous training in Lido's special interactive curriculum, powered by specially developed learning tools. Our teachers are trained to help enhance each child's innate curiosity, creativity, and confidence, in addition to providing guidance to score better marks in school. Our sophisticated AI algorithm pairs every child with the teacher best suited for them to further improve their chances of success!

Start learning with us!

If you are a motivated parent and want to empower your child to learn skills, master concepts, and change the world, join Lido now. If you or your child want to learn more about the opportunities provided by our live online classes/programs, explore the Maths, Science, English, and Coding and Headstart courses offered by Lido Learning and enroll for a free class now! Remember, the trial is totally free!

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