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    Top Science exams and International Olympiads

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    Apply learnings to save the environment, or even cure cancer!


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Conceptual understanding for better scores


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Science is fun with Lido!

"Lido has not only helped my son learn Science better, it has also made him more conscious of his health and environment."

Rajesh Chaudhary

Father of Pranay, Class 8

“Biology used to be my daughter’s worst nightmare. Now, all thanks to Lido, it is her favourite subject!”

Ayush Mehta

Father of Alia, Class 9

“I’m very happy with how Lido uses different tools like games and quizzes to teach Science. My son looks forward to his Lido Science classes every week!”

Nisha Chand

Mother of Ronak, Class 6

"Learning Science with Lido feels like learning Science in a real lab! I love it!"

Ethen D'Silva

Lido Student, Class 7

₹ 10 Crore
Young Leaders Scholarship

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Bringing the perfect Science class to life!

Choosing from 150+ topics

Customise your learning experience

Interactive learning formats

Learn through videos, games and activities

80,000+ question banks

So there’s always more to practice!

1:6 classes with expert teachers

Learn from India’s top 0.1% teachers

Customised homework and tests

AI-driven homework and tests your child

Explore what we cover,
lesson by lesson.


Central Board of Secondary Education


Indian School Certificate Examination

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What Is a Tooth? Explain the Parts and Functions of Teeth?

Grade 4

What Is Water Pollution? Explain the Causes and Effects?

Grade 5

What is Reflection and Echo? Explained with examples

Grade 9

How does food transport in plants ? Explained with the process

Grade 8

What are the types of natural resources and a brief on environmental science

Grade 9

Classes starting at just ₹ 250

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115+ classes

₹ 4,300/month

Avg cost/class

₹ 450

Science and Coding

230+ classes

₹ 6,300/month

Avg cost/class

₹ 300

Science, Coding and Maths

345+ classes

₹ 7,500/month

Avg cost/class

₹ 250

100% refund on classes not taken

The best teachers, just for you

Top 0.1% selected | 500,000+ teaching hours

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“Lido breathes life into lessons with videos, games, and virtual experiments that help students learn Science better.”

Alice Jain
B.Sc & M.Sc (Mathematics)

“I love the kind of curiosity Lido has evoked in my students... they’re always asking questions, they always want to learn MORE!”

Swapna Boga

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“Lido’s lessons are a complete package, making Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and General Science fun to learn.”

Ruchika Pujara
B.Ed., M.Sc. (Maths & Science)

“Lido lessons teach students to think from a scientific angle, which is the most critical aspect of learning Science correctly.”

Rajshree Singh
B.A., M.A., B.Ed

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The best teachers,
just for you

Top 0.1% selected | 500,000+ teaching hrs

There’s more to learn with us!

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Become a Maths topper

Compete in International Olympiads

Kickstart a career in data science, investing, aeronautics and more!

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Become a fluent, confident speaker

Publish your own poetry, novels, comic books

Open doors to careers in journalism, research, and more!

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Improve concentration and abstract thinking

Build your own apps and games

Start your own company and become a tech millionaire

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Growth starts here

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What is Lido Learning?

Lido provides India’s best LIVE online classes with India’s top 0.1% tutors and a 6:1 student-teacher ratio, so every student can score better marks and look forward to a bright future! With face-to-face interaction with India’s top 0.1% Science teachers and a maximum of 6 students per class, your child receives personalised attention, regular feedback, and enough opportunities to clarify doubts during class, which makes learning Science easier than ever.

  1. Focus on conceptual understanding: At Lido, we focus on understanding the basics of Science to build a strong foundation that will help them with further studies, should they choose to pursue medicine, psychology, microbiology, electronics, or research in any other scientific field.
  2. Building real-world skills: Designed by Harvard, Stanford, and IIT alums, Lido’s Science curriculum is designed to encourage students to apply Scientific reasoning to solve real-world problems.
  3. Confidence to top Science exams: We provide unlimited text and video content covering key concepts for self-study, virtual labs for experiments, and a large question bank so your child can practice Science after class, too! This helps your child fall in love with Science, think like an innovator, and score better marks in school Science examinations!

We cater to students of class 4th, class 5th, class 6th, class 7th, class 8th, and class 9th through online Science classes for ICSE board, CBSE board, and Maharashtra and Gujarat state boards.

How will learning Science with Lido help my child?

Learning Science with Lido will help your child score better marks in Science ICSE and CBSE exams, apply Scientific reasoning to solve real-world problems, and feel confident to think like an innovator, logically and independently.

How many Science classes will my child attend every week?

A week at Lido is fun and filled with learning. We conduct 2 live online Science classes every week - on Tuesday and Thursday. We also have live online revision classes on weekends and 1:1 doubt solving sessions with our expert teachers for when your child wants extra help.

Will Lido help with homework and clearing doubts?

Our 6:1 student-teacher ratio allows every student enough time with the teacher to clarify doubts before the class ends. Further, our AI-driven homework solutions help students practice and learn Science independently, even without the teacher around!

What is included in a Lido Science course?

Lido’s Science course includes a library of over 150 topics to choose from, all taught by the top 0.1% Science teachers from across India through videos, games, and virtual classroom experiments. Besides that, we provide Science homework and personalised tests based on ICSE and CBSE questions customised to suit your child’s needs. We also have an unlimited Science question bank from Selina and other key Science textbooks, so there’s always more for your child to practice.

Can my child sign up for Science only?

If your child needs help with Science only, then your child can choose to sign up for just Science. However, your child will get the full Lido experience if your child takes live online classes for all 4 subjects - Maths, Science, English, and Coding.

How does Lido select Science teachers?

We select only the top 0.1% Science teachers of India from the IITs, MIT, Stanford, and other top institutes to teach your child in our live online classes. We guarantee that every Science teacher is well-trained to ensure excellent results for your child. Instead of you having to search for an online tutor for your child, our advanced AI algorithm finds the perfect Science teacher for your child.

Start learning with us!

If you are a motivated parent and want to empower your child to master Science and top examinations and International Olympiads, then join Lido now. If you or your child want to learn more about the opportunities provided by our live online Science classes/programs, enroll for a free Science class now! Remember, the Science trial is totally free!

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