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Face-to-face, live, online classes with maximum 6 students to guarantee higher marks. No more struggling with scientific concepts. Just better marks. Guaranteed.

No empty promises. Better marks, or your money back. Guaranteed.

Here’s what makes us your perfect learning partner.

Teachers who make Science interesting, not confusing.

Strict tutor selection

Only 5% tutors make it past our 10-point selection criteria

Focus on improvement

100% focus on marks through conceptual understanding

Student progress = Teacher progress

Your tutors progress only when YOU excel in and out of class!

Are you a tutor? Join us

Curriculum that develops a Scientific Attitude & Inventor Mindset.

Visually rich

Animated study material to help you learn faster & better

Activity-based projects

Deepen your understanding of all topics with peer projects

Understand ‘Why’ and ‘How’

Focus on 'Why & How', not just 'When & What' for lifelong learning

Classes that are so much fun, you’ll never want to miss them.

Exclusive Lido reward store

Earn points at every step and use them to buy exciting goodies

Build your online resume

Practise for applying to leading institutions for future studies

Discover hidden talents

Participate in hobby clubs, talks, events & workshops on weekends!

Small groups for rapid progress & improved confidence.

Focussed teacher attention

Understand concepts faster with personal attention from teachers

Learn from your peers

Collaborate & solve real-world problems with students just like you

Higher marks

Score better marks with customised homeworks for targeted improvement

40 Lido-ers will be mentored by tech, writing, & science superstars!
The Lido Leaders Camp is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be mentored by iconic experts for 2 months a year. Don’t miss out!

Project-based learning

Check out what Lido’s very own young superstars, innovators and inventors have been upto recently!
Gold Hunt Maze

Ilisha Barhate | Grade 5

View Project

Planning a Family Outing

Keerthi | Grade 6

View Project

Food Journal

Divina Kanangar | Grade 6

View Project

Escape Game

Pratham Singh | Grade 4

View Project

Game of Prose!

Shreyosi | Grade 5

View Project

Forming a magical square

Shravan Malik | Grade 7

View Project

Start your child's learning journey today.

Better marks, real-world understanding of topics, a lifetime love for learning,
& the confidence of assured success are just one step away!

    • Grade 4
    • Grade 5
    • Grade 6
    • Grade 7
    • Grade 8
    • Grade 9
    For grades KG to 12
    Build strong foundations in Maths, English, & Coding for future success
    Build apps and games with concentration and coding
    Learn Maths with real-world problem-solving skills
    Become a fluent and confident speaker
    Help your child develop a scientific outlook, all while scoring top marks in class with the help of Lido’s small group online tuitions!

    Lido science is all about making science fun and interesting for your child, with a keen focus on improving their results through better conceptual understanding. Our small-group classes, of maximum 6 students in a batch, ensures that your child receives personal attention from our star tutors along with the challenge of peer learning for guaranteed success. All our lessons are highly interactive with engaging visuals, quizzes with milestone projects and assignments that are planned around the application of the principles they learn in class!
    How will Lido Science help my child?
    Learning Science the Lido way will help your child with retention and deeper conceptual understanding. We teach Science with the help of real-life examples, visually engaging content and a curriculum that’s designed by experts from Harvard, Stanford and IIT. Our low class strength of just 6 students helps our tutors give your child individual attention to ensure that they can check on their understanding of the lessons and help develop their scientific thinking capabilities. Our project-based, interactive learning gives your child all the tools they need to not just grasp science, but to love it! Our curriculum is based on the CBSE and ICSE syllabus from KG to Grade 10.
    How many Science classes will my child attend every week?
    Lido Science has 3 classes per week for each grade. All classes follow a Monday-Wednesday-Friday or a Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday schedule.
    What is included in a Lido Science course?
    Science is taught to Lido-ers from Kg to Grade 10. Up to Grade 3, Science is integrated into the Headstart curriculum. In grade 4 we have an integrated Maths and Science curriculum to prepare them for the rigours of higher grades. From Grades 5 onwards, it is taught as a separate subject.
    Each child will have access to Milestone tests, end-of-class quizzes, a video library to reinforce the concepts taught in class and study notes. In addition, children are given personalised homework assignments based on their areas of improvement.
    How does Lido select Science teachers?
    Only top applicants from across the country are selected to become Lido tutors after a thorough 10-point screening process & background check. Each tutor undergoes rigorous training in our special interactive & application-based curriculum & learning tools. We use sophisticated AI algorithms to pair each child with the tutor best suited for their learning needs!
    Our teachers can only progress at Lido if your child progresses.
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