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Testimonials from our prize winners

“My son Karan's Lido experience has been great so far, so I decided to tell my friends about it. After my friends enrolled their children with Lido, Lido rewarded us with a brand new Macbook Air!”

Karthika Chandran

Mother of Karan | Class 9

“I love Lido, so I told my friends about it. My friends Aishu, and Kajal ended up joining Lido. After this, Lido called me for my address, and they sent me a brand new Lenovo tablet! Thanks!”

Ziaa N Jain

Lido Student | Class 3

“My daughter Anu recently won a Lenovo tablet for referring her friends to Lido! I'm encouraging her to refer more friends so she can win a Macbook and take her Lido lessons on it!”

Anoop Sundaresh

Father of Anu | Class 7

“I have always dreamt of owning a Macbook! And after hearing about Lido’s referral program, I figured it was a good idea to tell my friends about Lido. Soon, 5 of my classmates joined Lido, and Lido gave me a Macbook Air!”

Sambodhi Goyal

Lido Student | Class 6

How does it work?

Step 1

Share your Lido referral code with your friends and family.

Step 2

When they purchase Lido credits using your code, they get a 20% discount!

Step 3

And you get one step closer to all the goodies with every successful referral!

But wait, there’s more..

Here are your Milestone Prizes!

On the 50th referral

The sky is the limit!

On the 3rd referral

Lenovo Tablet

On the 5th referral

MacBook Air

What do you win?

For each successful referral, you win..

10 Lido Classes

That you can use for any subject or course


How does Lido’s referral program work?

Students and parents can share their referral link via WhatsApp, Facebook, or copy-paste it, by clicking one of the options at the bottom of the student dashboard, or from the referral page. For a referral to count towards a reward, friends/family of the concerned users must register using this link only.

Will my referrals benefit from this program?

Absolutely! Your referrals will receive a 20% discount on their first purchase with Lido!

Why have I not received referral rewards despite referring many people?

Your referrals must purchase at least 60 Lido credits for you to be eligible for the rewards. You are welcome to refer us to as many friends, family, and acquaintances as you can, and all of them will receive a 20% discount on their purchase with your code, but you will only be rewarded for purchases of 60 credits or more.

Am I eligible for referral rewards if I refer Lido to my friends/family without the unique referral link?

Only the registrations done using your unique link will be eligible for referral rewards. If a user has registered with us, but without using your unique link, then they will not be considered your referral.

If my referral doesn’t like Lido’s classes, can they get a refund?

Yes, we offer a 100% refund on unused credits.

Will I be eligible for a reward if my referee claims a refund before using up the 60 credits?

Your referee must use at least 10 of the 60 (or more) credits purchased. If they request a refund before then, the referral will be considered void and subtracted from your rewards tally.

Are trial students eligible to refer?

Yes, but you have to be a paid customer with Lido to be able to claim your rewards.

Is there a limit on the rewards?

One student or parent is eligible to win a maximum of 1 Lenovo tablet, 1 MacBook Air, and 1 INR 10 lakh cash reward. The tablet will be awarded to the first 1,500 winners only, and the Macbook Air will be awarded to only the first 10 participants per month.

How will I receive my rewards?

The first criteria for eligibility is that your referee must purchase a minimum of 60 credits or more, using your unique referral link.

For every purchase of 60 credits or more by a referee, you will receive 10 Lido credits instantly. However, if your referee requests a refund before using 10 of their 60 (or more) credits, the 10 credits reward will be subtracted from your account.

The reward 10 credits for successful referrals will only be credited to your account once you have registered with Lido. Registration does not mean that you or your child have to be enrolled as paid students with us.

If 3 or 5 of your referrals purchase 60 credits or more, you will be asked to share your shipping details with us. After receiving the required information, we will ship your gifts via our eCommerce partner.

You will be eligible for a reward only after your referrals have used up a minimum of 10 credits from the package they purchased, using your referral link. If they ask for a refund before then, that referral will be considered null and void.

After 50 successful referrals, we will contact you to collect your bank details. After confirming this information, we will deposit INR 10 lakhs directly to your account!

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