NCERT Solutions Class 9 Science Solutions for Exercise Motion - Intext Questions-3 in Chapter 8 - Motion

Question 2 Motion - Intext Questions-3

A bus decreases its speed from 80 km h–1 to 60 km h–1 in 5 s. Find the acceleration of the


Given, the initial velocity (u) = 80km/hour = 80,000𝑚 /3600𝑠 = 22.22 m.s-1

The final velocity (v) = 60km/hour = 60,000𝑚 /3600𝑠 = 16.66 m.s-1

Time frame, t = 5 seconds.

Therefore, acceleration (a) =𝑣−𝑢 /𝑡= 16.66 𝑚.𝑠−1−22.22 𝑚.𝑠−15𝑠

= -1.112 m.s-2

Therefore, the total acceleration of the bus is -1.112m.s-2. It can be noted that the negative sign indicates that the velocity of the bus is decreasing.

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