Lakhmir Singh Solutions Class 10 Chemistry Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Metals and Non Metals

Question 232 Exercise

a) What is the difference between a mineral and an ore?

(b) Which metal is extracted from cinnabar ore?

(c) Name one ore of sodium. Name the sodium compound present in this ore and write its chemical formula.

(d) How is sodium metal extracted? Explain with the help of equation of the reaction involved.

(e) Name three other metals which are extracted in a manner similar to sodium.


(a) Minerals are naturally occurring metals or their compounds whereas ores contain a good quantity of metals that can be profitably mined. Ores contain impurities that can be used and all ores are minerals.

Minerals may contain impurities that can not be used and all minerals may not be ores.

(b) Mercury (Hg) is the metal obtained from cinnabar ore. It is the only liquid metal.

(c) Rock salt is the ore of sodium. It is present as Sodium chloride and its chemical formula is NaCl.

(d) Sodium metal is extracted by the electrolytic reduction of molten sodium chloride. When an electric current is passed through molten sodium chloride, it decomposes to form sodium metal and chlorine gas.

2NaCl(l) → 2Na(s) + Cl2(g)

(e) Potassium, calcium, and magnesium are metals that are extracted in a similar manner to that of sodium.

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