Lakhmir Singh Solutions Class 10 Chemistry Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Metals and Non Metals

Question 238 Exercise

(a) Name two metals which resist corrosion due to the formation of a thin, hard and impervious layer of oxide on their surface.

(b) Name five methods of preventing rusting of iron.

(c) What are the constituents of stainless steel? What are the special properties of stainless steel?


(a) Aluminium and zinc can resist corrosion on their surface.

(b) (i) Painting can prevent rusting as iron does not get exposed to air and moisture.

(ii) Applying grease or oil reduces the chance of iron getting exposed to air and moisture.

(iii) Galvanisation helps in reducing rusting.

(iv) Tin and chromium plating can also reduce rusting.

(v) Alloying to form stainless steel.

(c) Stainless steel contains iron, chromium, and nickel.

It is strong enough and does not rust.

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