Lakhmir Singh Solutions Class 10 Chemistry Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 Acids, Bases and Salts

Question 192 Exercise

(a) Name two constituents of baking powder.

(b) How does baking powder differ from baking soda?

(c) Explain the action of baking powder in the making of cake (or bread). Write equation of the reaction involved.


(a) Sodium hydrogen carbonate and tartaric acid are the constituents of baking powder.

(b) Baking powder is a mixture of baking soda and tartaric acid and baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. They have a similar appearance.

(c) On mixing baking powder with water, in the baking of cake, the sodium bicarbonate reacts with tartaric acid to evolve carbon dioxide gas and it gets into the wet dough and bubbles out. Thus, the cake becomes soft and spongy.

NaHCO3(aq) + H+ → Na+(aq) + CO2(g) + H2O(l)

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