NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 9 Science Solutions for Structure of the Atom - Exercise in Chapter 4 - Structure of the Atom

Question 34 Structure of the Atom - Exercise

Match the names of the Scientists given in column A with their contributions towards the understanding of the atomic structure as given in column B

(A) – (B)

(a) Ernest Rutherford – (i) Indivisibility of atoms

(b) J.J.Thomson – (ii) Stationary orbits

(c) Dalton – (iii) Concept of the nucleus

(d) Neils Bohr – (iv) Discovery of electrons

(e) James Chadwick -(v) Atomic number

(f) E. Goldstein – (vi) Neutron

(g) Mosley – (vii) Canal rays


(A) – (B)

(a) Ernest Rutherford – (iii) Concept of the nucleus

(b) J.J.Thomson – (iv) Discovery of electrons

(c) Dalton – (i) Indivisibility of atoms

(d) Neils Bohr – (ii) Stationary orbits

(e) James Chadwick – (vi) Neutron

(f) E. Goldstein – (vii) Canal rays

(g) Mosley – (v) Atomic number

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