NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 9 Science Solutions for Why Do We Fall ill ? - Exercise in Chapter 13 - Why Do We Fall ill ?

Question 8 Why Do We Fall ill ? - Exercise

AIDS cannot be transmitted by

(a) sexual contact

(b) hugs

(c) breastfeeding

(d) blood transfusion


The answer is(b) hugs


AIDS is transmitted by the exchange of body fluids. When we hug there cannot be an exchange of any body fluids hence Aids cannot be transmitted by hugs.

Video transcript
"hello students welcome to leader learning this is ashwini i teach science at lado so here in this question aids cannot be transmitted by a sexual contact b hux c breastfeeding and d is blood transfusion so first i would like to tell you about the aids okay so aids is sexually transmitted disease okay it is a sexually transmitted disease when a person will having a sexual contact with other person it will cause aids when a person when any fluid of your body transmitted from one person to another person okay second person so here i'm writing the body fluids that when this body fluids transmitted from one person to another person then the eights will cost so here on sexual contact body fluid is transferred on breastfeeding the milk is transferred from mother to infant so breast feeding also causes aids blood transfusion means from one person to another person blood is transfused okay blood is transported so it will also cause aids while hugging okay when you hug someone then it will be a physical contact there will be no exchange of body fluid from one person to another person so hugs cannot be transmitted the aids disease okay so the symptoms of it will be the central nervous system is majorly affected lungs are majorly affected your eyes are retina is majorly affected here skin is damaged and again gastrointestinal tract that is your stomach gi tract esophagus will going to affect more okay so these are the symptoms of aids so i hope everything is clear to you if you have any doubts then please put it down in the comment section for more such video solutions please subscribe leader learning thank you"
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