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Question 39 Why Do We Fall ill ? - Exercise

Why is AIDS considered to be a ‘Syndrome’ and not a disease?


HIV AIDS is caused by HIV Virus which enters our body through body fluids such as blood and breast milk or by sexual means. HIV virus spreads to lymph nodes and it blocks our immune system. This creates a condition where our body cannot fight minor diseases like the common cold.

A person with HIV can get pneumonia from the common cold, a minor gut infection may turn into severe diarrhoea. In HIV a person will not have specific symptoms rather he will have a series of infections due hence HIV is called as a syndrome, not a disease.

Video transcript
"hello everyone welcome to leader learning i'm guri your science tutor today's question is why is aids considered to be a syndrome and not a disease so here in this question we'll discuss that why it is considered to be a syndrome so let's start our answer hiv aids is caused by hiv virus okay this virus when enters our body through the body fluids like blood breast milk and sometimes through the sexual activities this virus get inside the human body with this with this virus when enters it blocks our lymph nodes that is it blocks the immune system and when the immune system is blocked the person suffering from aids persons suffering from aids loses all the ability to fight diseases and in the condition of aids a person suffers from a series of infection okay one after the other because our his body is not responding to the immune system immune system is totally blocked he will lose the ability to fight with a smaller and minor diseases and hence he will suffer from a series of infection and thus this aid is considered to be a syndrome rather than a disease for more such videos please subscribe leader learning and for any doubts drop a comment thank you"
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