NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 9 Science Solutions for Why Do We Fall ill ? - Exercise in Chapter 13 - Why Do We Fall ill ?

Question 27 Why Do We Fall ill ? - Exercise

Classify the following diseases as infectious or non-infectious.

(a) AIDS

(b) Tuberculosis

(c) Cholera

(d) High blood pressure

(e) Heart disease

(f) Pneumonia

(g) Cancer


(a) AIDS – Infectious disease

(b) Tuberculosis - Infectious disease

(c) Cholera - Infectious disease

(d) High blood pressure- non- Infectious disease

(e) Heart disease non- Infectious disease

(f) Pneumonia-Infectious disease

(g) Cancer- non- Infectious disease

Video transcript
"hello everyone welcome to leader learning i am good pre your science tutor today's question is classify the following diseases as infectious or non-infectious so here are some diseases given and we have to classify them as infectious and non-infectious so first disease given is aids it is a infectious disease then is tuberculosis it is also a infectious disease cholera it is also infectious disease deep high blood pressure it is a non-infectious disease okay nextly heart diseases they are non-infectious pneumonia it is also a infectious disease now lastly is the cancer cancer is a non-infectious disease so this is the classification of diseases as infectious and non-infectious for more such videos please subscribe leader learning and for any doubts drop a comment thank you"
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