NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 9 Science Solutions for Sound - Exercise in Chapter 12 - Sound

Question 3 Sound - Exercise

In SONAR, we use

(a) ultrasonic waves

(b) infrasonic waves

(c) radio waves

(d) audible sound waves


Answer is (a) ultrasonic waves

Video transcript
"hello everyone welcome to leader learning i am gurpreet your science tutor today's question is in sonar we use a ultrasonic waves b infrasonic waves c radio waves or d audible sound waves so here four options have been given to you and you have to identify that what type of waves are used in sonar so let's start our answer sonar it is a device that uses sound propagation sound propagation to navigate and communicate with or detect the objects under the surface of water that is underwater and this sonar it uses the waves known as ultrasonic waves so the correct option for this question will be option a that is ultrasonic waves for more such videos please subscribe leader learning and for any doubts drop a comment thank you "
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