NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 7 Science Solutions for Soil - Exercise in Chapter 9 - Soil

Question 13 Soil - Exercise

A man digging a pit found that he could dig with ease initially but digging became difficult as he went deeper. He could not dig beyond a depth of 5 feet. Provide a suitable scientific explanation.


The top layer of soil is loose and easy to dig, as we down deep soil consists of weathered rocks or which makes digging difficult.

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"welcome to lido q a video i am vineet your leader tutor excited to bring you this question on your screen describe a simple experiment to show that the prongs of a sound producing tuning fork are vibrating now as shown in the figure what we'll do is first we will fill the beaker with water till its breath bring okay so that it's full then touch the surface of the water touch the surface of the water with the prongs okay of the water with the prongs of the vibrating tuning flow forks of the vibrating tuning forks okay so this is the vibrating tuning fork we are touching the water what do we observe it can be seen that it can be seen that the water starts to splash right this shows that the tuning fork is vibrating right isn't it interesting guys it is right and a very simple experiment so if you still have a doubt please leave a comment below do like the video and subscribe to our channel i'll see you in our next video until then bye guys keep learning keep flourishing"
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