NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 7 Science Solutions for Winds, Storms and Cyclones - Exercise in Chapter 8 - Winds, Storms and Cyclones

Question 15 Winds, Storms and Cyclones - Exercise

A flag mounted on a flag post near the sea coast flutters in the direction of the sea. At what time of the day does this happen – at midnight or in the afternoon?


Midnight, because of land breeze.

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"my name is shusher and welcome back to another homework session of lido let's take a look at today's question give a reason to show that none of the numbers given below is a perfect square and the number that we have is 64 000 all right so we know there is a property of perfect squares that we know let's write down the property we know any number any number ending with any number ending with odd number of zeros or number of zeros cannot be a perfect square so any number which ends with odd number of zeros cannot be perfect square let's check how many zeros do we have in sixty four thousand we have three zeros right we have three zeros and it is an odd number right three is an odd number therefore sixty four thousand it's not a is not a perfect square all right so that's it for this question if you have a doubt you can drop a comment and don't forget to like and subscribe to this channel for regular updates thank you i'll see you next time"
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