NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 7 Science Solutions for Transportation in Animals and Plants - Exercise in Chapter 11 - Transportation in Animals and Plants

Question 16 Transportation in Animals and Plants - Exercise

Boojho’s uncle was hospitalised and put on dialysis after a severe infection in both of his kidneys.

(a) What is dialysis?

(b) When does it become necessary to take such a treatment?


a) Dialysis is periodical filtering of blood through artificial kidney

b) Dialysis is done when kidney fail to function.

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"hello everyone welcome to later this is priya and here we have a question related to structure of atom let us look into it compare the properties of electrons protons and neutrons so coming to the property of electrons first so electrons are first we are looking into the property of charge so the electrons will have a negatively charged they charge negative so they are negatively charged coming to the protons they are positively charged coming to the neutrons they don't have charge no charge neutrons have no charge and the next property regarding the location of these electron protons and neutrons in an atom electrons are located outside the nucleus they are present outside the nucleus and protons are present inside the nucleus they are present inside the nucleus and neutrons are also present inside the nucleus along with the protons in coming to the weight of electrons mass of electrons are negligible mass of the electron in an atom is negligible because to beast get stability the electron can be lost from the atom are gained by the atom so the mass of electron is negligible it can be changed from time to time and coming to the proton proton has one a m u and neutron also have one a m u and coming to the affinity of the electrons they are attracted towards attraction they have attraction towards positively charged positive charges for example electrons are attracted towards protons and protons are attracted towards they have attraction towards negatively charged that means protons will be attracted by electrons and electrons are attracted by protons because opposite charges will always attract whereas coming to the affinity of these neutrons they do not attract they do not attract and they do not be attracted by any kind of electron or proton so there will be no attraction towards any charged particles because they don't have charge so this is about the question students hope you understand this video if you like my video please subscribe to lido and if you have any doubts you can drop a message in comment box thank you"
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