NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 7 Science Solutions for Transportation in Animals and Plants - Exercise in Chapter 11 - Transportation in Animals and Plants

Question 14 Transportation in Animals and Plants - Exercise

Paheli uprooted a rose plant from the soil. Most of the root tips, with root hairs, got left behind in the soil. She planted it in a pot with new soil and watered it regularly. Will the plant grow or die? Give a reason for your answer.


Possible changes may take place

-Without root hairs roots cannot absorb water and nutrients hence plant will die.

-The stem of the rose plant may grow into new plants, hence plant survives.

-Rose plant may die when transferred to a new type of soil.

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"hello everyone welcome to leto this is priya and here we have a question about the structure of an atom let us look into the question draw a sketch of force model of an atom with three shells so according to the burst model of an atom so bohr's atomic model um so we see a nucleus at the center at the center we see a nucleus and this nucleus is made up of protons and neutrons and around these nucleus we see the orbit so here you can see the orbits this is first orbit and this is the second output and this is a third orbit so orbit orbit is a shell in which electrons will revolve around this nucleus so each orbit or shell has a fixed energy and these circular orbits are known as orbital shells and we call these each orbit shells as orbital shells and these the around these orbits only the electrons are going to revolve because of this nucleus which is present at the center of an atom so coming to according to this poor model electrons travel in a circular orbit and we call them as orbital shells and orbits are labeled by an integer for example we call the first orbit as k we call this as k l m and so on okay so first first shell of an atom is called k second shell l and m so these orbitals can also be represented as n so first shell equal to n n equals to one second shell n equal to two third shell m e n equal to 3 and so on so in this way the first shell will be n equal to 1 second shell n equal to 2 third shell n equal to 3 and so on so depends on the number of shells present in an atom according to the according i called atomic number and each electron so one electron can jump from one orbit to the other of it using are emitting energy so while one atom is jumping from one shell to an electron is jumping from one shell to another shell so it absorbs energy or emits energy so that's why we call this orbital shells as energy orbits also because they will release energy while an electron germs from an orbital to the other orbital so this is about the structure of an atom according to the boost model hope you understand this video if you like my video please subscribe to our leader channel and if you have any doubts you can keep a message in comment box thank you "
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