NCERT Solutions Class 9 Science Solutions for Exercises 1 in Chapter 9 - Force and Laws of Motion

Question 2 Exercises 1

A batsman hits a cricket ball which then rolls on level ground. After covering a short distance, the ball comes to rest. The ball slows to a stop because

(a) the batsman did not hit the ball hard enough.

(b) velocity is proportional to the force exerted on the ball.

(c) there is a force on the ball opposing the motion.

(d) there is no unbalanced force on the ball, so the ball would want to come to rest.


When the ball rolls on the flat surface of the ground, its motion is opposed by the force of friction (the friction arises between the ground and the ball). This frictional force eventually stops the ball. Therefore, the correct answer is (c). If the surface of the level ground is lubricated (with oil or some other lubricant), the friction that arises between the ball and the ground will reduce, which will enable the ball to roll for a longer distance.

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