NCERT Solutions Class 9 Science Solutions for Atoms and Molecules - Exercise in Chapter 3 - Atoms and Molecules

Question 1 Atoms and Molecules - Exercise

A 0.24g sample of a compound of oxygen and boron was found by analysis to contain 0.096g of boron and 0.144g of oxygen. Calculate the percentage composition of the compound by weight.


Given: Mass of the sample compound = 0.24g, mass of boron = 0.096g, mass of oxygen = 0.144g

To calculate the percentage composition of the compound:

Percentage of boron = mass of boron/mass of the compound x 100

= 0.096g / 0.24g x 100 = 40%

Percentage of oxygen = 100 - the percentage of boron

= 100 - 40

= 60%

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