Lakhmir Singh Solutions Class 8 Science Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 15 - Some Natural Phenomena

Question 48 Exercise

A lightning conductor is a device which transfers:

(a) Electric energy

(b) Light energy

(c) Solar energy

(d) Photoelectric energy


Option (a) is the answer.

Video transcript
"hello friends welcome to lido this is priya let us read the question and the question is a lightning conductor is a device which transfers a electric energy b light energy c solar energy d photoelectric energy so this lightning conductor can be used to transfer the electric energy so lightning conductor will be usually used to transfer the lighting light this electric energy during the lightning process so when a lightning hits the building this is the thing which protects the building from the effect of lightning so lightning conductor is a device which can transfer electric discharge which hits the building through it and hence does not allow the charge to pass through the building to pass through the building materials so in this way this electric uh this lightning rod can protect the building from hitting the buildings with lightning and when the lightning falls on the building this lightning rod absorbs that electric discharge and there directly it goes to the ground rod so there directly it goes to the ground rod and from there it this electric discharge can goes along with the earth earthing will be done so and this lightning rod was was made by a scientist name uh his name is benjamin franklin so he invented this lightning device which is protecting many more tall buildings from the heating of this lightning and we are safe now today hope you understand this video if you like my video please subscribe to our little channel and if you have any doubts you can drop your message in comment box thank you "
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