Selina Solutions Class 9 Physics Solutions for Exercise 6A in Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Heat And Energy

Question 15 Exercise 6A

A given mass of water is cooled from 10℃ to 0℃. State the volume changes observed.

Represent these changes on a temperature-volume graph.


When water is cooled from 10℃, the density of water first increases up to 4℃ and then decreases on cooling further below 4℃ to 0 ℃. Hence, the density of water is maximum at 4℃ which is equal to

1 g cm-3

Video transcript
"hello everyone welcome to lido learning i'm good preet your science tutor today's question is a given mass of water is cooled from 10 degree centigrade to 0 degree centigrade state the volume changes observed represent these changes on the temperature volume graph so let us discuss the changes first the changes are when the water when the water is cooled is cooled from 10 degree centigrade to 4 degree centigrade the density here increases at it keeps on increasing up to 4 degree centigrade and then it start to decrease on cooling from 4 degree centigrade to 0 degree centigrade hence the density is maximum at 4 degree centigrade that is 1 gram centimeter per cube this is the density here and the graph here the temperature volume graph that is you can see here on the y-axis the volume is plotted and on the x-axis temperature is plotted so this is the volume temperature graph which is a curve graph this shows the representation for the volume change for more such videos please subscribe leader learning and for any doubts drop a comment thank you"
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