Selina Solutions Class 9 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 3(C) in Chapter 3 - Chapter 3- Compound Interest [Using Formula

Question 8 Exercise 3(C)

A body of mass 500g, initially at rest, is acted upon by a force which causes it to move a distance of 4m in 2s, Calculate the force applied.


Given: m=500g or 0.5kg, u=0; s=4m; t=2s, F=?

We know that,

\begin{array}{l} \mathrm{S}=\mathrm{ut}+1 / 2 \mathrm{at}^{2} \\ 4=(0)(2)+1 / 2(\mathrm{a})(2)^{2} \\ 4=0+2 \mathrm{a} \\ \mathrm{a}=2 \mathrm{m} / \mathrm{s}^{2} \end{array}

Force = mass x acceleration

=0.5 x 2

= 1N

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