Selina Solutions Class 9 Physics Solutions for Exercise 1B in Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 – Measurements and Experimentation

Question 1 Exercise 1B

A boy makes a ruler with graduation in cm on it (i.e., 100 divisions in 1m). To what accuracy this ruler can measure? How can this accuracy be increased?


Given: ruler has 100 divisions – centimetre scaling system

100 cm = 1m

Hence the accuracy the ruler can measure up to is the centimetre division.

∴ the ruler can be used to measure the length up to the accuracy of centimetre

In order to increase the accuracy, the scale must further be able to measure the next unit in-line, i.e., the millimetre division. By doing so the accuracy of the ruler can increase from centimetre to the millimeter.


1m=100cm = 10mm

1 m = 1000 mm

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