Lakhmir Singh Solutions Class 9 Physics Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 5 - Sound

Question 62 Exercise

a) Define the terms ‘frequency’, ‘wavelength’, and ‘velocity’ of a sound wave. What is the relation between them?

b) A body vibrating with a time period of 1/256 s produces a sound wave which travels in the air with a velocity of 350 m/s. Calculate the wavelength.


a) Frequency is defined as the no.of vibrations per second.

Wavelength is the minimum distance in which the wave repeats.

Velocity is the speed with which one wave can travel in one second.

Following is the relation between frequency, wavelength, and velocity:

v = fλ

b) Time period = 1/256 s

Velocity of wave = 350 m/s

Frequency = 1 / time period = 256 Hz

We know that,

v = fλ

therefore, wavelength = 1.36 m

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