Lakhmir Singh Solutions Class 9 Physics Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 5 - Sound

Question 46 Exercise

Which of the following terms apply to sound waves in air and which to water waves?

Transverse, rarefaction, trough, crest, compression, longitudinal


Sound waves in the air: longitudinal, compression, rarefaction

Water waves: transverse, crest, trough

Video transcript
"hi guys welcome to lido q a video i am vineet your leader tutor bringing you this question on your screen which of the following terms applied to sound waves in air and width through water waves okay now we know that sound waves in air are longitudinal right because they go to and fro in the same direction they have rare fraction and compression and we also know that sound in water waves are transversal or transverse they have trough and crest isn't that easy guys if you still have a doubt please leave a comment below do like the video and subscribe to our channel i'll see you in our next video until then bye guys keep learning"
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