Lakhmir Singh Solutions Class 9 Physics Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 2 - Force and Laws of Motion

Question 37 Exercise

a) Define momentum of a body. On what factors does the the momentum of a body depend?

b) Calculate the change in momentum of a body weighing 5 kg when its velocity decreases from 20 m/s to 0.20 m/s.


a) Momentum is defined as the physical quantity which is the measure of the quantity of motion of a moving body. Momentum depends on the mass and velocity of the body.

b) Mass of body = 5kg

Velocity, v1 = 20 m/s

Momentum, p1 = (20)(5) = 100 kg.m/s

Velocity, v2 = 0.2 m/s

Momentum, p2 = (5)(0.2) = 1 kg.m/s

Change in momentum = p2 – p1 = 1-100 = -99 kg.m/s

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