Lakhmir Singh Solutions Class 9 Physics Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 1 - Motion

Question 36 Exercise

a) Define speed. What is the SI unit of speed?

b) What is meant by:

i) average speed

ii) uniform speed?


a) Speed is defined as the distance travelled by the body in unit time. m/s is the SI unit of speed.

b) i) Average speed is the sum total of the distance travelled by a body divided by the total time taken to cover that distance.

Average speed = (total distance travelled)/(total time taken)

ii) Uniform speed refers to the constant speed of a moving body in which the body covers an equal distance in equal time intervals.

Video transcript
"hi kids welcome to lito q a video i am vineeth your little tutor excited to bring this question to you define speed what is the si unit of speed now how would you define speed speed can be defined as the distance travel in a given period sorry in a unit time yeah and meter per second is the si unit of speed we all know this right great now what is average speed any idea guys what is average of anything the sum total divided by the number of events like that right so average speed will be total distance traveled yeah in a given time interval yeah an average speed is given by total distance by total time isn't that easy it is guys right now you cannot tell me it's not easy what is uniform speed we all know what uniform speed is uniform speed is speed at which like constant speed yeah no fluctuation in speed that means the acceleration is zero at which distances covered in equal time interval are equal right so this was easy guys right if you still have a doubt please leave a comment below do like the video and subscribe to our channel i'll see you in our next video until then bye guys keep learning"
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