NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 7 Mathematics Solutions for Integers - Exercise in Chapter 1 - Integers

Question 73 Integers - Exercise

A multistory building has 25 floors above the ground level each of height 5 m. It also has 3 floors in the basement each of height 5m. A lift in the building moves at a rate of 1m/s. If a man starts from 50 m above the ground, how long will it take him to reach at 2nd floor of the basement?


Each floor has a height of 5 m and a basement of 5 m each.

If a man starts from 50 m above ground and reached at 2nd floor of the basement.

Distance traveled above basement =50 m

And below basement =2×5=10 m

Therefore, (50 + 10)m = 60 m

Rate of moving of a lift = 1m/s

Hence, time required by man to reach 2nd floor of basement = 1× 60 = 60 seconds.

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