NCERT Solutions Class 10 Mathematics Solutions for Surface Areas and Volumes - Exercise 13.4 in Chapter 13 - Surface Areas and Volumes

Question 3 Surface Areas and Volumes - Exercise 13.4

A fez, the cap used by the Turks, is shaped like the frustum of a cone (see Fig.). If its radius on the open side is 10 cm, radius at the upper base is 4 cm and its slant height is 15 cm, find the area of material used for making it.

Question 3 Image - NCERT Solutions - Mathematics , Class 10 chapter Surface Areas and Volumes



For the lower circular end, radius (r1) = 10 cm

For the upper circular end, radius (r2) = 4 cm

Slant height (l) of frustum = 15 cm


The area of material to be used for making the fez = CSA of frustum + Area of upper circular end

CSA of frustum = π(r1+r2)×l

= 210π

And, Area of upper circular end = πr22

= 16π

∴ The area of material used = 226π cm2

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