NCERT Solutions Class 10 Mathematics Solutions for Surface Areas and Volumes - Exercise 13.2 in Chapter 13 - Surface Areas and Volumes

Question 3 Surface Areas and Volumes - Exercise 13.2

A Gulab jamun contains sugar syrup up to about 30% of its volume. Find approximately how much syrup would be found in 45 Gulab jamuns, each shaped like a cylinder with two hemispherical ends with length 5 cm and diameter 2.8 cm (see figure).


It is known that the gulab jamuns are similar to a cylinder with two hemispherical ends.

So, the total height of a gulab jamun = 5 cm.

Diameter = 2.8 cm

So, radius = 1.4 cm

∴ The height of the cylindrical part = 5 cm–(1.4+1.4) cm

=2.2 cm

Now, total volume of One Gulab Jamun = Volume of Cylinder + Volume of two hemispheres

= πr2h+(4/3)πr3

= 4.312π+(10.976/3) π

= 25.05 cm3

We know that the volume of sugar syrup = 30% of total volume

So, volume of sugar syrup in 45 gulab jamuns = 45×30%(25.05 cm3)

= 45×7.515

= 338.184 cm3

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