NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 10 Mathematics Solutions for Statistics and Probability - Exercise 13.3 in Chapter 13 - Statistics and Probability

Question 42 Statistics and Probability - Exercise 13.3

A lot consists of 48 mobile phones of which 42 are good, 3 have only minor defects and 3 have major defects. Varnika will buy a phone, if it is good, but the trader will only buy a mobile, if it has no major defect. One phone is selected at random from the lot. What is probability that it is acceptable to Varnika?


Total number of mobile phones = T(E) = 48

Let E be the event that Varnika’s selected mobile should be good.

Number of favourable outcomes for event E = F(E) = 42

P (for good mobile) = \frac{\mathrm{F}(\mathrm{E})}{\mathrm{T}(\mathrm{E})}=\frac{42}{48}=\frac{7}{8}

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