ML Aggarwal Solutions Class 10 Mathematics Solutions for Mensuration Exercise 17.1 in Chapter 17 - Mensuration

Question 28 Mensuration Exercise 17.1

A soft drink is available in two packs a plastic cylinder with circular base of diameter 7 cm and height 10 cm.

Which container has greater capacity and by how much?



The density of a cylinder is determined by its volume, which represents how much material may be immersed in it or carried inside of it. The formula π r2h, where r is the radius of the circular base and h is the height of the cylinder, determines the volume of a cylinder.


**Diameter of the cylinder, d = 7 cm

Radius, r = d/2 = 7/2 = 3.5 cm

Height, h = 10 cm

Volume of the cylinder, V = π r2h

= (22/7)×3.52×10

= 385 cm3

Difference of the volume = 385-300 = 85 cm3

Hence the plastic cylinder has 85 cm3 **more volume than the cuboidal tin can.** M L Aggarwal - Understanding ICSE Mathematics - Class 10 chapter Mensuration Question 28 Solution image

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