ML Aggarwal Solutions Class 10 Mathematics Solutions for Constructions Exercise 16.2 in Chapter 16 - Constructions

Question 6 Constructions Exercise 16.2

Using a ruler and compasses only:

In the same diagram, draw a circle which passes through the points A, B and C. and mark its centre O.



The eccentricity is 0 and the two foci are coincident in a circle, which is a special type of ellipse. A circle is also known as the location of points that are evenly spaced apart from the centre.

Steps to construct:

Step 1: Draw a line segment AB = 6cm.

Step 2: At point A, draw a ray making an angle of 60o.

Step 3: With B as the center and radius 5.2cm, draw an arc which intersects the ray at C.

Step 4: Join BC.

Step 5: Draw the perpendicular bisector of sides AB and BC which intersects each other at point O.

Step 6: With center as O and radius OA, draw a circle which touches through the points A, B, C.

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