ML Aggarwal Solutions Class 10 Mathematics Solutions for Constructions Exercise 16.2 in Chapter 16 - Constructions

Question 1 Constructions Exercise 16.2

Draw an equilateral triangle of side 4 cm. Draw its circumcircle.



An equilateral triangle is one with equally long sides on both sides. The three angles opposite the three equal sides are equal in size because the three sides are equal. It is also known as an equiangular triangle since each angle is 60 degrees.

Steps to construct:

Step 1: Draw a line segment BC = 4cm.

Step 2: With centers B and C, draw two arcs of radius 4cm which intersects each other at point A.

Step 3: Join AB and AC.

Step 4: Draw the right bisector of BC and AC intersecting each other at point O.

Step 5: Join OA, OB and OC.

Step 6: With center as O, and radius equal to OB or OC or OA, draw a circle which passes through points A, B and C.

Hence the required circumcircle of triangle ABC is given below.

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