ML Aggarwal Solutions Class 10 Mathematics Solutions for Similarity Exercise 13.1 in Chapter 13 - Similarity

Question 39 Similarity Exercise 13.1

A 15 metres high tower casts a shadow of 24 metres long at a certain time and at the same time, a telephone pole casts a shadow 16 metres long.

Find the height of the telephone pole.



If two triangles are similar, than the ratio of their corresponding sides are proportional.

From the question it is given that,

Height of a tower PQ = 15m

It’s shadow QR = 24 m

Let us assume the height of a telephone pole MN = x

It’s shadow NO = 16 m

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Given, at the same time,


Therefore, PQ/MN = ON/RQ

15/x = 24/16

By cross multiplication we get,

x = (15 × 16)/24

x = 240/24

x = 10

Therefore, height of pole = 10 m.

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