Selina Solutions Class 9 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 9(B) in Chapter 9 - Chapter 9- Triangles [Congruency in Triangles]

Question 13 Exercise 9(B)

PQRS is a parallelogram. L and M are points on PQ and SR respectively such

that PL=MR. Show that LM and QS bisect each other.



Selina Solutions CONCISE Maths - Class 9 ICSE chapter Chapter 9- Triangles [Congruency in Triangles] Question 13 Solution image

Video transcript
"hello students my name is rabbit singh and i welcome you all to leader learning homework one of india's best online classes now today in this video we have a question that is based on the topic of parallelogram the question says pqrs is a parallelogram l and m are points on pq and sr respectively such that pl whereas pl pl is equal to mr show that l m and q s bisect each other plm that means this part lm is this and qs qss is basically the perpendiculars and the diagonal one diagonal bisect each other so sr and pq are opposite sides of a parallelogram that means this sr and pq so they are equal because opposite sides of a parallelogram are equal also pll is equal to rm pl is equal to rm that is given so if you subtract pq minus pl and sr minus rm what you will get you will get lq is equal to sm whereas lq this is lq and that will be equal to what that will be equal to sm this part so now consider triangle smp smp and triangle qlp qlp alternate interior angles which one msp this angle and pql this angle alternate interior angle similarly smp smp and plq and plq alternate interior angles and sm is equal to lq that we have already proved from third this part so based on that triangle smp is congruent to triangle qlp this triangles now by asa criteria they are congruent now based on that sp is equal to pq and mp is equal to pl how corresponding parts of congruent triangles so i hope you have understood the concept very clearly but still if you have any doubt do comment in the comment box and please like and subscribe our channel for lido thank you"
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