Selina Solutions Class 9 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 9(A) in Chapter 9 - Chapter 9- Triangles [Congruency in Triangles]

Question 8 Exercise 9(A)

If AP bisects angle BAC and M is any point on AP, prove that the

perpendiculars drawn from M to Ab and AC are equal.



Selina Solutions CONCISE Maths - Class 9 ICSE chapter Chapter 9- Triangles [Congruency in Triangles] Question 8 Solution image

Video transcript
"hello students my name is pramit singh and i welcome you all to lido learning homework one of india's best online classes now today in this video we have a question that is based on the topic lines and angles the question says if ap bisects angle bac you can see this is ap it bisects angle b a c that means this angle will be equal to this angle so m is any point on ap so this is m any point on eb prove that the perpendicular runs from n m to a p a b this is a b so this is the perpendicular that is l that means this is 90 degree and n that means this is also 90 degree so we have to prove they are equal this and this are equal very simple question you will take two triangles a l m and a n m such that angle l a m this and this are equal y because ap is the perpendicular bisector angle a and m and angle alm are 90 degree because 90 degree it is given and for the last one we have am is equal to am because it is common side so based on a a s criterion triangle alm is congruent to triangle a n m so based on that ml is equal to m n y c p c t corresponding parts of congruent triangles so hence proved i hope you have understood the concept very clearly but still if you have any doubt do comment in the comment box and please like and subscribe our channel follow thank you"
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