Selina Solutions Class 9 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 9(A) in Chapter 9 - Chapter 9- Triangles [Congruency in Triangles]

Question 12 Exercise 9(A)

In a triangle ABC, AB=AC. Show that the altitude AD is median also.



Selina Solutions CONCISE Maths - Class 9 ICSE chapter Chapter 9- Triangles [Congruency in Triangles] Question 12 Solution image

Video transcript
"hello students my name is rabbit singh and i welcome you all to lido learning homework one of india's best online classes now today in this video we have a question that is based on the topic of triangles question says in a triangle abc you can see we have make a triangle abc let us label it darkly so this is abc a b is equal to ac so that the altitude ad is median also this ad you can see here this is altitude so we have to prove like this is attitude as well as median also median means it will divide uh the opposite side bc in two equal part that means bd and dc so if you check in triangle a b adb this half of the triangle first and adc second half of the triangle adc a b is equal to ac that is already given isosceles triangle a d is equal to a d this side they are common both the sides and angle adb a d b is equal to angle adc since a d is the altitude so that means 90 degree that is already mentioned so based on this we have this is side this is side and this is angle so based on s a s side angle side criterion triangle adb is congruent to triangle adc now if they are congruent so that means bd is equal to dc and in that way d becomes the midpoint of bc and midpoint is what ad bisects bc so that's why ad is the median so i hope you have understood the concept very clearly but still if you have any doubt do comment in the comment box and please like and subscribe our channel for lido thank you "
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