Selina Solutions Class 9 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 6(F) in Chapter 6 - Chapter 6- Simultaneous Equations

Question 8 Exercise 6(F)

1250 persons went to see a circus-show. Each adult paid Rs.75 and each child paid Rs.25 for the admission ticket. Find the number of adults and number of children, if the total collection from them amounts to Rs.61250.


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Video transcript
"hello guys welcome back to the homework i'm ravan kumar working as a tutor that you know so today we are going to solve one more really very interesting and easy question so let's see how we can do it here so now off top 1250 percents went to see a circus show each adult paid 75 rupees and each child paid 25 rupees for the admission like entry ticket now find the number of adults i number of children if the total collection of the amount is 61 250 rupees so let's assume the adults okay so let's assume the adults are x and the children are y okay so we don't know the number at x and y we will be assuming here so total they have given the takes place five students so like so total percentage explicit is equals to 1 250 that is our first equation and they paid 75 rupees each adult paid 75 rupees that is 75 x plus 25 y is equal to almost the total collection 61 250 from this if you are taking 25 common we can take 25 common red so 25 common if you are taking you will get the answer as 3x plus y is equals to 2 450 right so this is our equation 2 so let's add or subtract these two equations here so 3x plus y is equals to 2 and 450 minus x plus y is equals to 1 250 so after subtracting uh plus 1 minus 5 will be getting cancelled 2x is equals to 1200 you got so x is equals to how much 600 right so x is equals to 600 then what is equals to y so y will be 650 so your total these many children went and x is equal to 600 that many adults went okay so i hope you have understood what i've done here if you have any doubts please comment below don't forget to subscribe to this channel thank you so much for watching this stay tuned and thank you"
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