Selina Solutions Class 9 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 21(A) in Chapter 21 - Chapter 21- Solids

Question 9 Exercise 21(A)

A hollow square-shaped tube open at both ends is made of iron. The internal square is 5 cm side and the length of the tube is 8 cm. There are 192 cm3 of iron in this tube. Find its thickness.


Given that the volume of the iron in the tube 192 cm3

Let the thickness of the tube = x cm

Side of the external square = (5 + 2x) cm

The external volume of the tube - its internal volume= volume of iron in the tube

According to the question,

Selina Solutions CONCISE Maths - Class 9 ICSE chapter Chapter 21- Solids Question 9 Solution image

Then, the thickness is 1 cm.

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