RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 9 Mathematics Solutions for Factorization of Polynomials Exercise 3F in Chapter 3 - Factorization of Polynomials

Question 8 Factorization of Polynomials Exercise 3F

𝑎^3 + 0.008


𝑎^3 + 0.008

According to the equation,

𝑎^3 + 𝑏^3 = (𝑎 + 𝑏)(𝑎^2 − 𝑎𝑏 + 𝑏^2)

So we get,

𝑎^3 + 0.008

= 𝑎^3 + 0.2^3

Using the formula

= (𝑎 + 0.2)(𝑎^2 − 0.2𝑎 + 0.2^2)

= (𝑎 + 0.2)(𝑎^2 − 0.2𝑎 + 0.04)

Video transcript
"hi students welcome to video learning so here i am archer sharma which is your leader tutor for the question to help you solve the question which is about cube root so let's get started the question we have is a cube plus 0.008 now to simplify the question first we'll write a cube as it is plus second number will convert the 0.008 into a cube of any number now this 0.008 it can be written as zero point two cube like zero point two multiplied by zero point two multiplied by zero point 0.8 sorry 0.2 like 2 by 10 plus 2 by 10 multiplied by 2 by 10 so it's 8 by 1000 that is equal to 0.008 so it's a cube of a 0.02 so it's 0.02 whole cube 0.2 q now here we are going to apply a formula aq plus bq is equals to a plus b in bracket a square minus a b plus b square now here we'll write a plus 0.2 in the next bracket it's a square plus a multiplied by 0.2 plus 0.2 whole square and square bracket close the next step is a plus 0.2 the curly square bracket a square plus 0.2 a plus 0.4 so it's 0.04 so this way we simplify the question for any doubt you can write in the comment sections so let's highlight for we just applied one formula this one for any query write in the comment sections for never missing another update subscribe to the video channel thank you "
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