RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Percentage Exercise 9A in Chapter 9 - Percentage

Question 12 Percentage Exercise 9A

A man saves 18% of his monthly income. If he saves ₹ 3780 per month, what is his monthly income?


let us consider ₹ x as his monthly income

∴ saving = 18% of ₹ x

3780 = 18/100 × x

3780 = 9/50 × x

x = 3780 × 50/9

x = 21000

∴ The monthly income Is ₹ 21000

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"hello students i am rita your master tutor and the today's question is a football team wins seven games which is 35 percent of the total games played how many games were played in all first of all we let total number total games first of all we left the total number of games is equal to x and according to question it is given that 35 percent of total gains total gains is x is equal to 7 now we solve this equation 35 by 100 x is equal to 7 it means the value of x is 7 into 100 divided by 35 now we solve this equation seven ones are seven seven fives are 35 five ones are five 5 to the 10 0 now the value of x is equal to 20k it means the total number of games are 20. so this is our answer i hope you like this video so please subscribe video for more updates and do comment your question thank you"
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