RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Line Graphs and Linear Graphs Exercise 23 in Chapter 23 - Line Graphs and Linear Graphs

Question 10 Line Graphs and Linear Graphs Exercise 23

A man started his journey in his car from location A and came back. The

the graph given below shows his position at different times during the whole


Question 10 Image - R S Aggarwal solutions - Mathematics - Class 8 chapter Line Graphs and Linear Graphs


Line graphs, often known as line charts, are visual representations of quantitative data collected across a specified subject and time frame. A line connects all of the data points. The observations collected during a survey or research are referred to as "data points." There is an x-axis and a y-axis in the line graph.

i. The sales in (a)2013 are ₹7cr (b)2015 is ₹10cr (c)2016 is ₹8cr

ii. The difference between the sales in 2012 and 2016 is ₹4cr

iii. The greatest difference in sales was seen in the year 2015.

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