RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Direct and Inverse Proportions Exercise 12A in Chapter 12 - Direct and Inverse Proportions

Question 1 Direct and Inverse Proportions Exercise 12A

A loaded truck covers 16 km in 25 minutes. At the same speed, how far can it

travel in 5 hours?


At the same speed, if the distance is more the time taken will also be more

therefore it’s directly proportional.

Let us consider the distance covered as x km, as the unit of time is different so we write it

as 25min = 25/60hr

(16/(25/60)) = x/5

25/60 × x = 16 × 5

x = (80 × 60)/25 = 192km

∴ The truck can travel 192km in 5hrs.

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