RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Profit and Loss Exercise 10A in Chapter 10 - Profit and Loss

Question 28 Profit and Loss Exercise 10A

A dealer sold a camera for ₹1080 gaining 1/8 of its cost price. Find (i) the cost price of the camera, and (ii) the gain percent earned by the dealer.


Let us consider the cost price of camera be x

SP of camera = x + 1x/8 =1080

x + x/8 = 1080

9x/8 = 1080

9x = 1080 × 8

x = 960

∴ The CP of the camera = ₹960

(ii) Gain = SP – CP = 1080 - 960 = 120

Gain % = (120 × 100) / 960


∴ The Gain percent is 12.5%

Video transcript
hello students welcome to lido homework i'm chris lehrer your math tutor and in today's video i'm going to solve a math problem so it reads a dealer sold a camera for rupees 1080 gaining 1 eighth of its cost price okay so what is given selling price of the camera that is one zero eight zero gain of selling the camera that is one eighth of the cost price but we don't know the cost price so we can take cost price as x so let us state let's let the cost price be rupees x okay so therefore gain is equal to 1 by 8 of x okay also given that selling price is equal to rupees 1 0 8 0 so we have the three information so using this information they are asking you to calculate the cost price so let us first see what is the formula for gain that is selling price minus the cost price so selling price is how much one zero eight zero minus cost price we got we took it as x okay and gain is one by eight x so we write in place of gain 1 by 8 x so this is a simple linear equation we need to solve it so this becomes 1 by 8 x plus x is equal to 1 0 8 0 so this becomes x plus 8x is equal to 1 0 8 0 into 8 this denominator 8 goes on the right side and multiplies so 9x is equal to one zero eight zero into eight which further equals x is equal to one zero eight zero into eight by nine okay so when you simplify you get the value as 960. so what is this x it's the cost price so you can say therefore cost price is equal to rupees 960. next what do we need to find out we need to find out the gain percentage so this is the first answer now we'll erase some of the part of the first answer and then we'll calculate the second part of the question okay so let us do that here they have asked you to find gain percentage okay so gain percentage formula is gained by cost price into 100 now gain is given as 1 by 8 x and cost price is given as how much cost price actually we took as x i'm not writing the value if you can see because that will only make the calculation difficult okay so now this x and x gets cancelled because that becomes the common factor so it is 100 divided by 8 which gives the value as 12.5 percent okay i hope it's clear if you still have any doubt put a message in the comment section and subscribe to our channel for regular updates bye
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