RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Profit and Loss Exercise 10A in Chapter 10 - Profit and Loss

Question 26 Profit and Loss Exercise 10A

A man bought apples at 10 for ₹75 and sold them at ₹75 per dozen. Find his loss percent.


We know that the CP of 10 apples = ₹75

CP of 1 apple = ₹75/10 = ₹7.5

CP of 1 dozen apples = ₹7.5 × 12 = ₹90

SP of 1 dozen bananas = ₹75

Since, SP is less than CP so it’s a loss.

Loss = CP – SP = 90 – 75 = 15

Loss % = (loss × 100) / CP

= (15 × 100) / 90

= 16.66%

∴ The Loss percent is 16.66%

Video transcript
hello students welcome to lido homework i'm kislya your math tutor and in today's video i'm going to solve a math problem it reads a man bought apples at 10 for rupees 75 and sold them at 75 per dozen find his loss percentage so let us first understand what is given okay given is cost price of 10 apples okay 10 apples that is he bought 10 apples for rupees 75 that is rupees 75 and selling price of one dozen that is 12 apples okay that is rupees 75 once again so as you can see cost price of 10 apples is given and selling price of 12 apples is given okay so to compare the numbers we need to bring the numbers are same either 10 apple cost price should be found for 12 apples or selling price for 10 apples so using direct and inverse proportion method i'll convert selling price of 12 apples to selling price of 10 apples so i create two columns on one side i write the number of apples and on the other side i write selling price in rupees okay so we already know for 12 apples selling price is 75 but we need to find selling price of 10 apples so for 10 apples we don't know the selling price so we write it as x now number of apples increasing also increases the price of the apple so this is clearly in direct proportion indirect proportion we cross multiply and write the calculated value on the other either side of the equal to sign so it becomes 12x is equal to 75 into 10 so that implies x is equal to 75 into 10 by 12 okay so this becomes 7 8 9 10 11 12 so this goes by three so three fours are 12 and 3 25's are 75 and then two twos of four two fives are ten so 25 fives of 125 by 2 will give you 62.5 rupees so this is nothing but this is what this is selling price of 10 apples we should remember that so we have cost price of 10 apples and we have selling price of 10 apples okay so as you can observe the cost price is greater than the selling price so clearly there is a loss so loss is equal to cost price minus the selling price okay so you can further write it as loss is equal to cost price is 75 okay this is 75 minus the selling price that is 62.5 which further equals this is 12.5 rupees okay now last percentage is loss by cost price in 200 which further equals losses 12.5 cost prices 62.5 in 200 so when you further simplify you get the answer as okay i'm sorry it's not 62.5 it is 75 the selling price so this is 75 12.5 by 75 will give you the answer as 16.66 percent as loss percentage okay i hope it's clear if you still have any doubt put a message in the comment section and subscribe to our channel for regular updates bye bye
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